December 2007

Words Words Words wishes its readers and contributors a a safe and happy holiday.

Please enjoy this issue and thank you for your continued support.


Marylin Houle, editor.

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Mission Statement

Words Words Words is a quarterly annual literary ezine, dedicated to the art of the written word and devoted to the amateur writer's community.

Every issue of the ezine is focused on helping writers, editors, poets, journalists, novelists, and every other literary type in their endeavors to become better skilled and increasingly successful in their literary goals.

How does Words Words Words do that?

Each issue provides resources, information, markets, contests, tips, and a plethora of publication opportunities for writers of all genres and all experience levels.

The more we publish a writer's work the more people will read the writer's work. The more people who read the writer's work, the more known and established the writer becomes.

Words Words Words plans to grow right along with its fellow writer/readership: check back to see more about our plans for become a paying market!





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